Homeopathy at risk

As you probably already know, homeopathy has been at risk these last few years through a multitude of lawsuits that rocked the entire industry. Some settled, praying it wouldn’t happen again, others (like us) fought back.

The predator lawyers who sued us in 2011, are currently being sued by Natural Immunogenics for alleged racketeering (The Emord Law firm is Natural Immogenics’ attorney). They are accused of paying plaintiffs and witnesses to initiate their relentless lawsuits.

In 2014 we won the trial  in the San Bernardino Superior Court on all counts. Then  they appealed.

Last week we received the opinion of the Court of Appeal of San Diego: D071073 Opinion Court of Appeal Oct 2017
They had maneuvered to move the appeal to San Diego, knowing this court is against any alternative medicine.
The Court sided with them and dismissed all arguments that was the basis of our win in 2014.

This is a dangerous situation for  the entire industry: manufacturers, doctors, retailers and of course, patients. The opinion allows anyone with some kind of training  in drugs to be  called “an expert in homeopathy” as long as they studied “the theory of homeopathy”.


It also puts the efficacy burden of proof on the defendant, not the plaintiff, as it should be, and as it was the law of the land since the King Bio decision in 2003.

 If this decision stays, it could wipe out the entire industry and start an avalanche of “lack of substantiations” lawsuits that will cause companies to shut down.

We still can fight, our recourse now is the California Supreme Court. We need to petition the Court , first to be heard, then to overturn this new decision, which our lawyer (The Lampel Firm, CA) thinks is very likely .

The industry is supporting us in the way of “Amicus Curiae” letters. We need these letters for the Supreme Court to hear our case (they take only 10% of the cases that are submitted). We have a good chance because an entire industry is at risk and , not to be too technical, there is a conflict between a State Court decision and a Federal Court decision.

There are two ways you can help, first is by collecting as many ‘Friend of the Court’ letters and second is by helping us raise funds to fund our legal battle.

Our fight is your fight.

GoFund Me page

Direct Donations to help our legal costs: PayPal.Me/greenpharmaceuticals

We hope to have you on our side to save homeopathy in the U.S.

Thank you,

Melody Devemark

Green Pharmaceuticals Inc.